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part numbers: OEM Old part number 420212505 - New part number OEM 420212508 fit to all Backplate (Inner) 420212707 / 420212605

fit to: all can-am Maverick X3 models 2017 / 2024


Introducing the AM glass quick release  this is the second this is our gen2 of our cvt clear covers that we did so far over 4 years of hard work, and now we have the AM glass removable thats allows you full access to the clutches in 15 seconds, NO tools needed use the AM quick release clips and don’t go on your knees no more (: so you can clean the clutches from dust and Sand- replace the belt while when the cvt clear cover is on, which means from the moment that you install our product, you do not have to take it off no more.


youtube video link click here 


- 100% ABS High impact 

- Polycarbonate 9.3 mm

- custom text or logo - We will contact for graphics approval

- RGB lights bluetooth controller App

- Drain plug

- 100% waterproof

- can be use with Quick Release Pin

- fit to all aftermarket clutches or aluminum backplate

- for cover install video click here


World's first clear cvt cover ever made by Adir Maoz in Feb 2019 for can-am Maverick X3.


This cover is made of 100% ABS and 100% waterproof.

We designed our clear cvt cover with durable high-quality material. Our CVT clear cover is stronger than stock because we add extra thickness to strengthen it.

all our products have been upgraded and tuned to the highest level of manufacturing.


The airflow and temperature ratings were tested in extreme conditions. The conditions and the results were perfect. Our clear custom cvt cover is a unique product. through the window you can see the condition of the belt and the clutches. Having the window will help prevent belt shredding or broken belts.


We would love you to try our products and join our growing customers all around the world.


We recommend using an in line blower 145 / 240 CFM with our clear cover. Link RPM power sports


AM Customize clutch covers are backed with our lifetime warranty guarantee.

this includes belt damage to the cover.

there will be a flat rate of $149.99 for return ground free shipping back to you.


lifetime warranty is given only on purchase on the website.


For more info check our live chat...

AM glass quick release cvt cover can-am Maverick X3

$700,00 Prezzo regolare
$630,00Prezzo scontato
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